The first of its kind was born...

Back in the dark ages when Dr. Lisa was in medical school, she noticed there was a thirst amongst Australian dancers for tastier jazz technique. They craved it. They hungered for it. They yearned for it.

Dancers overseas were turning 5, 6, 7 pirouettes with ease. Their kicks were higher, their jumps more spectacular and their expression more spellbinding than ever. They were stronger, more flexible and had more artistry than anything Down Under. But dance teachers in Aus didn't have time amongst the routines, comps, solos, ballet, tap, contemporary, lyrical and pointe to focus so much time and energy just on jazz technique...

With the social media surge, and series such as "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dance Moms" ever growing in popularity, the gap between jazz technique overseas and in Australia became all too easy for Australian dancers to see. Aussies have always prided themselves on their world-class dance education, but they suddenly found themselves wondering quietly "Why can't I do that?" as they rode their kangaroos past the koala bears to school.

And so the whispering rumble of fire in their belly began to crackle.

Dr. Lisa got wind of this rumbling fire, this hunger and drive. Students were screaming for technical brilliance, but they wanted to be taught by someone who had deeper knowledge of the limitations of human anatomy, physiology and psychology. They wanted to understand dance - to fully comprehend the physics and mechanics and emotion of it - and well as breathe it. They wanted to be taken seriously on the world stage. And so, Dr. Lisa gave birth to her favourite child, DANCE PRESCRIPTION. (Sorry Peanut Butter, Mum still loves you though).

DANCE PRESCRIPTION is an audition entry 12 month program based in Melbourne, Australia that has been specifically developed to enhance the dancer’s learning, technique, artistry and skills. Likeminded-individuals train together, challenging each other and themselves in order to become the best dancer that they can be. The focus is on building strength and confidence simultaneously in order to create dazzling dancers with bright futures.

This Accelerated Extension Program is like that of a Mathematics or English tutor for school work, and is to run in conjunction with the dancer’s regular dance school training, not replace it. 

DANCE PRESCRIPTION creates strong, intelligent, creative and exciting dancers who push the boundary of possibilities in the dance industry of tomorrow.

The DANCE PRESCRIPTION program consists of fortnightly Private Consultations, Group Jazz Technique, Dance Conditioning and Learning Dissection classes, as well as other homework tasks and activities. 

Since DANCE PRESCRIPTION came in to being, Australian jazz technique has exploded, grown and transformed. So much so, that all over the world, other young dancers are sitting in front of their devices, pouring over Instagram and flicking through Facebook and wondering how those Australians got so damn good...