Kate Ayres - "Prawn". 11 years old. 

In 2014, Prawn had her very first private lesson with Dr. Lisa and although she was only 8 years old at the time, she began smashing through her dance goals and fell in love with the precision, skill and dedication required for excellent jazz technique.

A strong technical and expressive jazz dancer, she initially begun her dance journey with Calisthenics, where she quickly excelled and found herself representing the Victorian State team in 2015 and winning the Victorian State Championships in both her Physie and Graceful solos in 2016. After falling in love with jazz technique and leaving Calisthenics, Dr. Lisa encouraged her to begin some classical training so Prawn enrolled at Mathis Dance Studios to begin ballet at age 10. She just received Honours for her Grade 4 Cecchetti examination. 

Prawn was successful in her audition for Dr. Lisa Ellis' DANCE PRESCRIPTION Program in 2015 and was chosen to assist Dr. Lisa on her U. K. tour in 2015 which saw her demonstrating in Essex, Liverpool, Black Pool, Great Yarmouth and Birmingham. Since then she has been fortunate to assist Dr. Lisa at her national Just What The Doctor Ordered workshops in no fewer than 4 different states.

Prawn is a model for Couture Costume Kiddies Dancewear and has entered the competitive world of dance only this year with a lyrical and jazz solo created for her by Dr. Lisa Ellis which are currently making audiences cry all over Melbourne. 

This little dynamite with her infectious giggle aims to "travel the world and inspire others to be the best they can be". I wonder where she'll be headed to next!

Catharina Ballintyne - "KittyCat". 15 years old

KittyCat is a bubbly and intelligent dancer who is known for her INSANE stage presence.

Throughout her 11 years dancing at Ambitions Performance Dancers, KittyCat has received such fantastic classical training that she has won too many awards and championships to list (she just dazzles on stage!) but here are a few just for a taster: 
- Australian Dance Spectacular Disneyland 2017
- Senior Contemporary Award (Ambitions Performance Dancers) 2016
- Follow Your Dreams Competition Intermediate Championship Winner 2016
- Dandenong Eisteddfod Top Scoring Soloists Scholarship 2016
- Phoenix Festival of Dance Inc 12 years and under 14 Aggregate Winner 2016
- Olivia Steadman-Meconi Scholarship 2015
- Cecchetti Ballet Australia Award for 100% in Grade 6 examination 2015

Currently, KittyCat is part of the Imprint Dance Company (Sticks and Stones) who have just performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and also excels outside of the dance world as the current Sports Leader for her school and was School Captain of her Primary School.

Diamond was also successful in her audition for the 2015 U.K. Tour and has been assisted Dr. Lisa at her Just What The Doctor Ordered Workshops in 4 different states so far this year already! She is known in the DANCE PRESCRIPTION family for her impeccable turn technique.

She reports that DANCE PRESCRIPTION has not only improved her jazz technique, it has also taught her "how to stretch correctly, set goals, be confident, learn how to improv and so much more" and she acts an excellent role model for all the other dancers with her diligent commitment to correct warm up.

KittyCat future goal is to become a professional dancer anywhere in the world, so wherever her dancing takes her, she'll be home - that's pretty lucky too because she'll be one of the four assistants joining Dr. Lisa on her December 2017 U. K. Tour!

My friends at DANCE PRESCRIPTION inspire me to not only be a better dancer but a better person too!
— Olaf

Mantra Rane - "Olaf". 10 years old.

Little Olaf is a tiny, dedicated and powerful dancer who is known for her body awareness and self correction far beyond her years. This encouraging little powerpack has been busy lately and has just been awarded as the Junior Championship Dancer at Jump Dance Challenge and qualified for the Ballet Teacher's Workshop finals. 

Her earliest memory is dancing nonstop to "Dancing Queen" whilst watching Mamma Mia when she was 3, which drove her parents absolutely nuts so they quickly enrolled her at Dance Desires Studio, where she won the Most Outstanding Perpetual Trophy from whole school when she was only 7 years old.

A seasoned competition dancer, Olaf completely cleans the floor at all of the major Victorian dance competitions and leaves with the car packed full of trophies. More importantly, she has been acknowledged for her great sportsmanship and genuine support of all her competitors and peers. She is well known for being the first DANCE PRESCRIPTION dancer to enthusiastically congratulate everyone else on their achievements and embodies the ethos of DANCE PRESCRIPTION.

Olaf has only just begun to assist Dr. Lisa at her Just What The Doctor Ordered Workshop and has already been flown interstate! She loves meeting new dancers from different studios and learning as much as she can from them.

Billie Watson - "Alien Baby Face aka ABF". 15 years old

ABF is notorious for her ridiculously long legs and killer kicks. She successfully auditioned for DANCE PRESCRIPTION in 2015 and improved so rapidly that she was awarded one of the 2 scholarships available in her second year.

By the end of her second year in the program, Alien was assisting Dr. Lisa at her Just What The Doctor Ordered workshops and has been travelling around Australia ever since, having assisted in 4 states so far this year!

ABF has a passion for classical ballet and received a fantastic solid grounding in this art form at the Ringwood Ballet Group in her formative years. Her love of ballet saw her join the Melbourne City Youth Ballet Company where she is now a part of their Elite Full Time Program and just closed a season of Peter Pan where she played the lead role of "Wendy".

Alien was lucky enough to be recently selected out of over two hundred young dancers to be an ambassador for Inspire Dancewear. She is part of the the "Act Now Speak later" Team and has loved connecting with dancers all over Australia. You can support this amazing cause by visiting

She also recently attend Dusty Button's IBW workshop and won a scholarship to attend the BellaMoxi Dance Convention in the U. S. A next year. Alien Baby Face aims to continue training and travelling with DANCE PRESCRIPTION and then go on to a career as a dancer and choreographer overseas. She looks forward to accompanying Dr. Lisa on her December 2017 U. K. Tour!


India Thomas - "Indiana Jones". 13 years old. 

Indiana Jones is the resourceful and mischievous member of the ATP who only began jazz technique 3 years ago but always had her ear to the ground for dancing opportunities, pestering her mum Eve to take her to auditions that she has had the initiative to find herself from the ripe old age of 10!

This determination is how she met Dr. Lisa; Jones registered herself yet again for a free audition and was successfully elected as an assistant for the 2015 U.K. Tour, where she had the opportunity to assist 8 workshops across the U.K! Since then she has been a driven member of the DANCE PRESCRIPTION team and was offered a place in the Assistant Training Program (ATP).

Other programs that Indiana Jones has successfully campaigned her way into include: 
- Locredo 2015 (Most Stand Out Performer) 
- Brent Street Winter School 2017 (on scholarship)
- Locredo 2017 (on scholarship)
- Breaking Barriers - Anthony Burell's Summer Intensive in California (on scholarship)

In 2016, Indiana Jones was the Highest Scoring Junior in Showcase 2016 for her lyrical solo with a platinum gold and took out the Highest Scoring Soloist award at Follow Your Dreams Competition.

A leader both inside and outside of dance, Indiana Jones was school captain in 2016 which saw her award a Leadership Scholarship this year for her entry in to high school. She got her foundations in dance at Casey Priddle Dancers and was recently accepted to attend Patrick Dance Studios Australia.

Jones is well known for her flawless musicality and improvisation. She moves with the maturity of a much older dancer and if you ever have the pleasure of watching her dance, you'll agree that she doesn't just FEEL the music, she IS the music. 


Amber Szczygielski - "Peaches". 11 years old. 

Little Peaches is the "Positive Patsy" of the DANCE PRESCRIPTION assistants. An infectious ball of energy, she first met Dr. Lisa at one of her workshops and enjoyed it so much that she begged her mum to let her audition for the next program. Peaches was successful in her audition, which has seen her as a DANCE PRESCRIPTION member for 3 years now and scholarship holder in 2015.

Peaches trains at Ambitions Performance Dancers and has received the following titles and awards: 
- Noelle Atkins Ballet Medal Winner 2016 and 2017
- Olivia Steadman-Meconi Scholarship Award 2017 (Ambitions Performance Dancers)
- Junior Best All-rounder, Under 10 Aggregate Winner, Junior Jazz Champion (Casey Dance Competition) 2016
- Junior Jazz Champion (Phoenix Dance Competition) 2016
- Junior Jazz Award (Ambitions Performance Dancers) 2015
- Under 8 Aggregate winner Phoenix Dance Competition) 2014

Peaches has assisted at multiple Dr. Lisa at her Just What The Doctor Ordered workshops in 4 different states so far including Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Southern Australia.



I absolutely love being a part of the Dance Prescription team! I am constantly inspired by everybody around me and that motivates me to be the best dancer I can be. I love that Dr Lisa always finds fun, innovative ways to better our technique and helps us achieve our personal goals.
— Alien Baby Face
I love Dr. Lisa’s program because I have learnt how to perform improv, feeling free and creative and my turns have improved so much!
— Peaches